Summer updates: some changes for Kindle option, improved design, Bulgarian language and over 50k new books

Summer updates: some changes for Kindle option, improved design, Bulgarian language and over 50k new books

Aug 10, 2022
65k dilihat

Z-Library is a library that is open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Like our readers, Zlibrary strives to become better, and that's why we've made a number of upgrades.

We want our users to focus on reading, not on technical things. Therefore, we have increased the size of files that can be sent, the limit is now 45 MB and performance of full-text search became higher—search results appear faster. We increased displayed books limit from 500 to 1000 books for premium users only.

As you know, Amazon will stop supporting MOBI files for sending to Kindle at the end of the month. It will be replaced by EPUB. Until that happens, we recommend using MOBI, as EPUB is still a work in progress. While the choice is yours, you can also send EPUB files to Kindle, Zlibrary already has this feature.

The visual component has changed as well. Letters have become more informative: the book cover, title, author is available directly in our e-mails. We changed the interface of option “report a problem” and improved the look of booklist display in mobile version.

We greatly appreciate your help! We made a thank-you notice for the users who have uploaded the book that matched the book request. During the upload, you will see information about how many readers are waiting for the book, and as soon as the book becomes available for download—those users will receive an email about its appearance.

To top it off with good news—we have a new language! Twenty-ninth is now Bulgarian—the site displays in it, and there are also about 56,000 rare books in the library.

Spending the last days of summer with a good book is twice as enjoyable. It's a pity, summer and good books have one thing in common: they end quickly.

Really good developments. Appreciate all your hard work poured into this library
10 August 2022 (19:18) 
we should be able to dowload more
10 August 2022 (22:37) 
I would love it if, in the future, there were a way of getting books that aren't necessarily rare but were simply never published in ebook format. Keep up the excellent work!
10 August 2022 (22:45) 
Superb. Fantastic. As always. Keep excelling yourself.
10 August 2022 (23:23) 
Thank you!
11 August 2022 (00:49) 
thank you so much for all your hard work!
11 August 2022 (02:25) 
Muchas gracias por todo :3
11 August 2022 (02:36) 
thank you for this website! i have saved thousands of dollars!!!
11 August 2022 (03:24) 
The continual striving for the betterment of this site is muchly appreciated.
11 August 2022 (03:29) 
Please bring back no limits on Book Requests! :)
11 August 2022 (04:30) 
Thanks for the great contribution to the continuation of human civilization
11 August 2022 (04:33) 
谢谢你们做的一切。Danke fuer alle. Merci pour tout ce que vous avez fait! ありがとうございます!
11 August 2022 (07:16) 
thank you!
11 August 2022 (09:18) 
Why is it assumed to be summer?
11 August 2022 (12:44) 
11 August 2022 (13:46) 
Please accept gift cards too. And upload more books .. thank you so much for the help through this year....
11 August 2022 (16:25) 
Yesss 🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬
11 August 2022 (19:30) 
Please think about perhaps expanding the daily download limits for the free accounts to 15 or 20 downloads per day. It would be so much nicer with this being the norm.
11 August 2022 (21:40) 
Nice! My suggestion for a following update:
- Make it possible to match a book request if the upload is already there. I see a lot of requests for the same book because of ISBN code for hardcopy as for ebook, but it’s only possible to upload the match for one request. The remaining request stays in the list and is not possible to fulfill anymore because the book already exists…
- Make it possible to enter more ISBN codes with a request, that way my first recommendation would not be needed as much :)
Keep up the good work!
12 August 2022 (00:16) 
toue bi
Among those 50k+ books, lots of them are porn magazines, I've seen many. How is your attitude towards this? Are they welcome or zlibrary will have some limitation to them?
12 August 2022 (00:25) 
That's very nice ! It's good ones !
12 August 2022 (03:51) 
12 August 2022 (04:39) 
Congratulations on everything you are achieving. All readers will always be grateful to you for allowing us access to so much information and books of our interest. keep it up good luck :)
12 August 2022 (06:52) 
My account has not been upgraded despite having made a donation yesterday. Pl upgrade :
12 August 2022 (08:18) 
when will you add " booklist " on the app ?
12 August 2022 (09:53) 
12 August 2022 (11:02) 
Desmond Numbers
12 August 2022 (12:44)
great work 👏
12 August 2022 (14:48) 
Susan panicker
Can you arrange a save option for the downloads to save it to some folder of our convenience.
12 August 2022 (19:24) 
Hello, somehow I had over 900+ completed tasks subtracted from my total. Since January I had completed over 2011+ tasks in the moderation section, and somehow this number recently changed. What happened??
12 August 2022 (23:15) 
Muchas gracias por el esfuerzo que realizan. Saludos desde México.
12 August 2022 (23:20) 
The feature send epub to kindle has only one bug.

The apostrophe don’t appear correctly. So you see phrases like “well-being wasn’t a well-regarded choice”.

Could you fix this? Thanks
13 August 2022 (00:16) 
Angeline Farrow-Douglas
Thank you for the upgrade, Z Library you are the best
13 August 2022 (00:34) 
Good work guys.....could you please add the following books..
1. People before tech - Duena Blomstrom
2. All that we are - Gabriella Braun
13 August 2022 (04:59) 
That's a good development, but you have to add recommend booklist to the app please.
13 August 2022 (05:10) 
Wonderful initiative......great going
13 August 2022 (07:36) 
Sophia Gideon
How can I make book request for a book if its isbn is in alphabets because book request only work for books that has isbn in numbers
13 August 2022 (08:28) 
Shadow Facts
Thanks for your commitment to ongoing improvement!! Here’s another suggestion and I’m sure it would be a popular feature: I would LOVE to be able to filter out of search results sets books that show as “Downloaded.”
13 August 2022 (08:41) 
Mit Z-library habe ich einen großen Schatz gefunden. Herzlichen Dank für die Arbeit die sie leisten
13 August 2022 (08:59) 
The file report section makes me feel like I'm actually helping if only a bit just by opening the file immediately to check its content and format, and that's a good feeling. Thank you!

Unrelated, but the last paragraph on this entry is too damn real. Nothing beats sitting in the middle of a park on a sunny day with a good book, knowing you can read it in one sitting. I'm not looking forward to autumn...
13 August 2022 (12:28) 
so one can send to kindle app or kindle device as well?
13 August 2022 (14:26) 
I am a Chinese user. thank you. This is my favorite site. As for the firewall don't worry we will use a proxy server to bypass the firewall.
13 August 2022 (15:04) 
I really appreciate this site. It is interesting. It helps me so much in my research.
13 August 2022 (21:00) 
Larry Roy
I and my close friend Glen are so VERY honoured to be a part of the Moderation Team! We've wondered for YEARS how to give back to a site that has not only given so much to us, but also given Glen a reason to live (literally!). He's disabled in his 40's and often feels useless and worthless. This site has blessed him with books (he cannot buy anything, only try to pay his bills), and the opportunity to help serve countless others in VERY meaningful ways. Thank you SO MUCH for saving the life of this precious soul!!
13 August 2022 (22:49) 
I'm Brazilian and I wanted to donate 1U$D. It's possible?
14 August 2022 (03:20) 
Wow , soo good to see this this z lib.Upgrading
14 August 2022 (11:04) 
Thank you!!
14 August 2022 (14:44) 
You are STILL and always WILL BE the best for me thank you from the heart
14 August 2022 (16:02) 
buongiorno il libro the modern baker 120 ricette quando arriverà grazie

14 August 2022 (16:48) 
thank you.
14 August 2022 (17:04) 
14 August 2022 (17:50) 
Hazel Blue
Gracias por su gran trabajo!
14 August 2022 (19:47) 
Thank you for your hard work as always.
14 August 2022 (20:23) 
Thanks for everytime upgrade. I love Z- Library!

I hope in future you'll increase the number of books one can download too.
15 August 2022 (00:16) 
15 August 2022 (08:31) 
Can a basic account holder use tor website?
I can not use tor website. It just show my account page.
15 August 2022 (09:57) 
maher the one
Please add a rating of the condition of the epub file - if it's original or converted without any formatting.
15 August 2022 (11:46) 
thank you
15 August 2022 (11:48) 
Great job! Where do I report a file that repeatedly refuses to load (pdf)?
15 August 2022 (12:03) 
thank you
15 August 2022 (18:03) 
Thank you for the Update. I love Z-Library and I am so happy about every book. You are the best!!! thank you so much
15 August 2022 (18:09) 
16 August 2022 (01:42) 
Hello! I've been trying to send a book to my kindle by sending it first to my personal email and then forwarding it to my kindle email, but it didn't get uploaded. could you please tell me what I should do? Laura Cristina Prezioso
16 August 2022 (02:02) 
Does this mean we can’t upload mobi files any longer? My mobi files aren't uploading.
16 August 2022 (05:09) 
Thanks Folks....Your Efforts Are Deeply Appreciated .
16 August 2022 (06:35) 

yay! I am Bulgarian. :) thank you!
16 August 2022 (06:56) 
Looks like all you are posting is romance and pornography. I may have made my last donation if there's no way to filter that stuff out. This used to be a good site.
16 August 2022 (07:14) 
Mimi 🌻🌻
Really good developments. But please let's try to bring in new books.
16 August 2022 (10:57) 
Greetings 贵馆

Kind regaders:
16 August 2022 (11:41) 
16 August 2022 (12:14) 
16 August 2022 (13:42) 
Thank you for this website! And best wish for zlibrary!
16 August 2022 (16:36) 
Thank you - zLibrary is a Godsend for anyone who loves to read! I do recommend to everyone -- just need to get those hold-outs away from printed on paper to using digital on their eBooks. Cannot figure out how to get around the "I just love the feel/smell of an actual book in my hands" or, even sillier, "What if there was an EMP?" objections!
16 August 2022 (18:59) 
Gracias! I love you
17 August 2022 (07:24) 
nice write up
looking forward to more good content from you

<a href="http://hztsln4fi3udznlinmxnbwdey6lbehn4sinqa6ltbu4crxgqnlzdqoid.onion">buy online</a>,
17 August 2022 (19:07) 
Thank you for reacting so quickly to the (unwanted) changes being imposed on Kindles. Lifesavers!
17 August 2022 (22:28) 
Hi I can't receive new Self-Help, Relationships & Lifestyle books it looks that it stuck?
18 August 2022 (00:15) 
18 August 2022 (09:49) 
You are doing a great job. Thanks
18 August 2022 (15:03) 
Добрий день, я вважаю що буква Z в назві бібліотеки не відображає основних принципів бібліотеки - відкритості знань і розповсюдження інформації, толерантності до всіх національностей, релігій і мов. Чи не пора змінити цей символ агресії і нетерпимості російської федерації до України на щось більш нейтральне?

Добрый день, я считаю, что буква Z в названии библиотеки не отражает основных принципов библеотеки – открытости знаний и распространения информации, толерантности ко всем национальностям, религиям и языкам. Не пора ли изменить этот символ агрессии и нетерпимости российской федерации к Украине на нечто более нейтральное?

Good afternoon, I believe that the letter in the name of the library does not reflect the basic principles of the library - openness of knowledge and dissemination of information, tolerance to all nationalities, religions and languages. Isn't it time to change this symbol of aggression and intolerance of the Russian Federation towards Ukraine to something more neutral?
18 August 2022 (15:23) 
Thank you!!!
18 August 2022 (18:14) 
Thank you so much
18 August 2022 (21:11) 
thank you dudes
18 August 2022 (21:33) 
18 August 2022 (21:50) 
Very interesting
19 August 2022 (02:45) 
19 August 2022 (06:09) 
GREAT site!

Question/Suggestion: Ist it possible to differentiate the TITLE (of a book) into two titles - a MAIN-TITLE and a SUB-TITLE (or so)?
Also there should be a CLEAR convention about the Name-Order fo Autors: "Last-Name First-Name" OR "First-Name Last-Name" but NOT both.
19 August 2022 (10:45) 
pls add a filter option for moderation!
19 August 2022 (17:48) 
Semplicemente fantastico, GRAZZZZZZIE
19 August 2022 (23:38) 
Hey guys, is there an upload problem at the moment? There seem no new books added for quite some time now. Summer break, maybe?
20 August 2022 (00:10) 
Thank you for creating such a wonderful website for readers!
A Kindle reader from China
20 August 2022 (04:10) 
Thank you very much for your selfless dedication, you are the true practitioners of the Internet spirit.
20 August 2022 (05:00) 
Very appreciated!
20 August 2022 (16:04) 
Please Implement Review Moderation System ! Thanks.
20 August 2022 (16:46) 
amit rai
यह बहुत आवश्यक और महत्वपूर्ण कार्य आपके द्वारा किया जा रहा है | आपकी टीम को धन्यवाद
20 August 2022 (18:01) 
20 August 2022 (23:48) 
21 August 2022 (04:49) 
Will it be like mobi I prefer mobi when reading books because I can adjust font and letter size ?
21 August 2022 (05:59) 
I'm starting to get a bit worried too. Why are there no new uploads? I hope this is not a sign of major legal/tech problems.
22 August 2022 (02:57) 
nabil el-kholy
Thank you very much
22 August 2022 (04:07) 
谢谢你们的努力,让我这样没有钱的人也能阅读很多书。我觉得你们与伏尔泰无异。Thank you for your efforts to allow poor people like me to read a lot of books.I don't think you're any different from Voltaire
22 August 2022 (09:10) 
This has helped me access book at a convenient level, thankyou
22 August 2022 (09:37) 
Thank you for your working.
22 August 2022 (11:40) 
Appreciate what you all have done!
22 August 2022 (18:03) 
Dawn Renee
Would love it doc was a format option, I get a lot of books to add to my Logos software and it would be fantastic if I could d/l in doc rather than having to try (sometimes unsuccessfully) to convert them.
Otherwise I love this.
22 August 2022 (18:13) 
Trying to send a textbook of 35 MB to my kindle, but it is not sending in either PDF or EPUB format. Is the limit for kindle still 20 MB? If so, the send-to-kindle limit should be 45 MB as well. If this is not the case, is it perhaps an issue with my device? I am running a Kindle Fire HD 8.
22 August 2022 (22:28) 
No new upload
22 August 2022 (23:48) 
Having problems with "download" reminds. They aren't appear anymore in the book list and as I am collecting a lot it leve me confused!
23 August 2022 (00:24) 
unable to moderate books today. every time i press the publish book button, I get an "access denied" error. anyone else?
23 August 2022 (00:29) 
Thank you so much for existing, my reading accelerated solely because of you guys. Plus, my broke ass can't cover the expenses of the costly books (everything costs so much ugh) To make my reading experience seamless, I download the appropriate format and send it to my kindle address. And now I can read anything anytime :)
23 August 2022 (04:21) 
As of right now the epub files I download won't send to my kindle always says there's an error. I have to use your conversion tool to convert to mobi but then use a third party app to convert it to epub to get it to be able to be sent to my kindle through email. If that could be fixed that would be great.
23 August 2022 (04:33) 
thanks for your work!
23 August 2022 (08:37) 
Thank you for your working.
23 August 2022 (17:34) 
Please create an African American section so that it’s easier to find books. Thank you!
23 August 2022 (19:02) 
How do I remove the books I have uploaded?
24 August 2022 (03:07) 
Can you please add the "Traditional Chinese" in the language drop down menu?
24 August 2022 (09:03) 
Excellent guys thanks much
24 August 2022 (18:41) 
Thank you for your work. It means the world for a lot of us.
25 August 2022 (00:19) 
Anyone have GameTek book?
25 August 2022 (12:34) 
THanks for all the support. Thanks to the developers and people working to make this website available to everybody. Again, a huge THANK YOU.
25 August 2022 (21:26) 
Hey I can't suggest a correction. When I click, nothing happens. I am in the mobile version. Does anyone have this same problem or is it just me?
26 August 2022 (18:19) 
Thank you for the work.. love from brazil
27 August 2022 (01:15) 
So it looks like I was wrong - there ARE new uploads, they are just not to be found under any of the categories. You can find them by searching for the title or author, or you click on "Recently Added", choose a language and browse to see what's new to the site. Cheers to whoever uploaded the new Joyce Carol Oates novel, btw.
27 August 2022 (05:11) 
27 August 2022 (06:13) 
I use PocketBook Reader app for reading the majority of my books. The app can handle just about any book format, but primarily for epub books, Mobi books a little different than in the Kindle app. It will also read the book for you, which I prefer most of the time. You can download the PocketBook Reader app from the Play Store, or search for the APK and download and install. You have complete control through the settings over how the book looks (i.e. font, margins - top, bottom and sides). Plus, it will display your book collection with book covers. Give it a try, I think you'll like it!
27 August 2022 (15:25) 
Hi everyone, great job.
Just one really important suggestion regarding the options
languages: português de Portugal e português do Brasil.
Currently only searching the publishers helps to select the right ebook. Thanks for your hard work.
27 August 2022 (18:38) 
Je vous adooore !!!
28 August 2022 (00:04) 
Damião Facundo
Bom demais! Valeu pela preocupação
28 August 2022 (05:39) 
Please, allow translate blog post too, good work!
28 August 2022 (05:39) 
Thanks for all you do! I really appreciate the amount of work that it must take to maintain this library with so many features.
29 August 2022 (17:32) 
谢谢提供的服务,你们帮助了很多China 的poor students ,can't thank you anymore ,it‘s a shame to forbid zlibrary from China
30 August 2022 (02:26) 
No puedo entrar a la sección de moderadores no he podido tener acceso
30 August 2022 (03:46) 
I don’t how to thank you so much with love from Zambia
30 August 2022 (07:14) 
Thank you
30 August 2022 (07:15) 
very very good!
30 August 2022 (11:06) 
Благодаря ви!
30 August 2022 (15:08) 
30 August 2022 (15:50) 
terry ting
hi, everyone, i wanna to ask, if i download ebook here, and concert it into azw3 at online converter, and download into my kindle from onedrive folder, will it be missing cover at device? someone tell me if turn off wifi, cover will appear again, surely?
30 August 2022 (17:33) 
Yuwei Cui
Really appreciate for your efforts. It help me a lot.
31 August 2022 (05:51) 
Thank you for your progress. Hoping for user can change personal email to send books, such like pocketbook can use email to send book, if you can send to pocketbook, user will use zlibrary more convenient.
31 August 2022 (10:40) 
Thanks. Is there a way to download the list of books that are already downloaded, as that will help in creating a library sort of to organize the books locally in the PC/Desktop.
31 August 2022 (23:43) 
Thank you for this website. It would be great if Portuguese (EU) and Portuguese (BR) were separated. I am willing write a script to parse epub files for specific words in order to differentiate books.
01 September 2022 (01:02) 
Thank you !!!!!!!!
01 September 2022 (07:50) 
Won't process my donations! Why?
02 September 2022 (03:07) 
anyone having problems uploading? yesterday it took me around 15 min to upload a 4mb ebook, and now the bar isn't moving for a large ebook. What's going on?
02 September 2022 (15:08) 
Thanks, Dankon! Obrigado!
02 September 2022 (18:12) 
No option to send to my kindle???
02 September 2022 (19:22) 
03 September 2022 (01:54) 
Best respect to you
03 September 2022 (09:11) 
Depuis une semaine je ne peux télécharger que 7 livres par jour au lieu de 10. J'ai essayé de faire un don, 2 fois, mais ça n'a pas marché. Je ne comprends pas pourquoi. Vous devriez utiliser Paypal, c'est beaucoup plus pratique.
03 September 2022 (16:30) 
You are ripping off authors who spend hours negotiating contracts and you sell them on for free - you deserve to be shut down or sued.
03 September 2022 (18:59) 
Why not differentiate Portuguese (European) and Portuguese (Brazillian) in the catalog? Many books are under the generic “Portuguese” category, but the differences between European and Brazillian Portuguese run deep.

Norwegian shows Bokmål and Nynorsk as separate entries, so why not add the same distinction? It would be so much easier when searching books and articles.
04 September 2022 (02:40) 
Thank you, this website really helped me.
04 September 2022 (03:03) 
Love how much work you all have put into it! I appreciate it so much!
04 September 2022 (20:07) 
the best site ever i see
05 September 2022 (02:56) 
now donate least 5 $
05 September 2022 (06:27) 
Obrigado por tudo, Lembranças do Brasil 🇧🇷
05 September 2022 (09:03) 
Bonjour j'aimerais bien pouvoir télécharger la série entière de Bobby pendragon, a partir de tome 7: Les jeux de Quillian.
05 September 2022 (10:53) 
thank you
05 September 2022 (12:48) 
Otávio Henrique
You're the best, thank you for sharing knowledge with everyone, if i like the book i buy it, knowledge give us power to change the world for the better
05 September 2022 (15:33) 
thank you
05 September 2022 (15:59) 
thank you
05 September 2022 (16:23) 
Jennifer Granquist
is there going to be a fall fundraiser
05 September 2022 (16:39) 
Thanks a lot for your work.
05 September 2022 (20:21) 
Thank youuuu!
05 September 2022 (21:22) 
It is so great.
06 September 2022 (08:51) 
Sorry, what can 45M do? It's so small that I can't even send a compressed pdf. So can it be adjusted to 300M,please...., because most of the 'book' I downloaded are about 200M.OvO
06 September 2022 (13:03) 
André Vacassin
Merci pour votre travail.
J'ai une question : j'ai vu que dans les listes de livres, pour certains, il existe 2 fichiers, par exemple : Je serai ton ombre de Lisa Jewell, l'un avec 391 ko, et un autre avec 5228 ko !!! quelle est la différence, car sur ma liseuse, le livre comporte 310 pages dans les 2 versions ?
06 September 2022 (13:08) 
Thank you!
06 September 2022 (17:13) 
fang hu
I donated $20 today, but it doesn't show my donation information and I didn't get my due rights. Can the blogger verify it for me?
07 September 2022 (06:03) 
Donated to the fundraiser on Sept 6 and received email confirmation. My account shows Premium status for 30 more days, but still no dl limit increase.
07 September 2022 (17:25) 
zlib is best
07 September 2022 (18:56) 
Charles Osei
Does send to kindle feature list the book on Kindle automatically for you?
08 September 2022 (04:53) 
Donated and got a 31-day prinium, but still limited to 10 downloades. Please check for me, thanks!
08 September 2022 (06:52) 
Amazing work!
08 September 2022 (07:54) 
Zlibrary is useful

08 September 2022 (08:16) 
saga su
thanks ~
08 September 2022 (15:54) 
I really appreciate your efforts, thanks for making this great library, if you want any help then please email me here
I'm a computer science student and this site has helped me a lot
08 September 2022 (18:34) 
DMCA Free 的VPS推荐几个 站长
09 September 2022 (12:16) 
Thanks for your appreciation and hope this hub can develop better and better in the future
09 September 2022 (13:01) 
serg filatov
Я очень благодарен нашей БИБЛИОТЕКЕ. она мне много дала и сейчас я хочу дать немного ей. Друзья, в вижу здесь много благодарностей библиотеке. Давайте её отблагодарим материально и написав отзывы на книги. Кто согласен? ПРИСОЕДИНЯЙТЕСЬ!
09 September 2022 (18:35) 
For someone who loves knowledge, learning and books. This library is the greatest website on the wide web.
A treasure for voracious readers and seekers of truth and enjoyment. Zlib is a brave endeavor to make useful information available to anyone. The changes are always good additions to the awesome experience that is having millions of books available for free. 👽💀💃💪💪
10 September 2022 (08:44)
10 September 2022 (20:19) 
Thank you!
10 September 2022 (21:24) 
Thank you for your efforts.
11 September 2022 (03:44) 
Thank you!
11 September 2022 (12:21) 
Thank you
11 September 2022 (13:23) 
Thanks man
11 September 2022 (16:55) 
This is basically the second coming of the library of Alexandria which is better than re-en-canting God if you ask me haha, I truly hope they/no one is able to burn down. Love your work. Keep the formation where it needs to be, in the open. Plato save us all !
13 September 2022 (10:56) 
Bless you. You created something spectacular.
13 September 2022 (15:54) 
Dr. Tiff
The moderators should definitely be able to download more. I would do a lot more if there was a benefit to moderating
13 September 2022 (17:07) 
Thank you all, we appreciate your efforts.
13 September 2022 (17:26) 
Salve volevo chiedere come mai non vengono più caricati libri nuovi usciti nel 2022 di David Baldacci in lingua Italiano? Grazie mille
13 September 2022 (17:27) 
In France Your site is almost innacessible. Bon courage !!!
14 September 2022 (01:57) 
I hope that a new round of fundraising starts here this week.
14 September 2022 (02:05) 
Great, Thank you for your efforts
14 September 2022 (02:41) 
John Kennedy
You guys are doing a great job.
14 September 2022 (14:08) 
michael jack
thank you, sir.
14 September 2022 (15:35) 
Qualcuno potrebbe caricare il libro di David Baldacci L'attimo prima della verità e il libro La colpa di David Baldacci? Grazie mille
14 September 2022 (18:39) 
I am unable to make donations. Please advise.
16 September 2022 (02:51) 
Su pagina dice que descargue libros en las ultimas 24 horas y hace meses que noi descargo nada de ningun sitio. Intento registrarme y me dice que manda un correo de confirmacion que no llega
No veo nada claro su pagina
16 September 2022 (11:22) 
I have been trying to make a donation but both my computer and my iPad are warning me about a “risky connection” and I cannot complete the process. That has not happened in the past! Sorry I can’t do it.
16 September 2022 (16:24) 
Geoff Fabron
Please add PayPal to your options for donations! It i the only method I am prepared to use.
16 September 2022 (19:33) 
Is this library LEGAL to download and use? OR PIRATED Library where books are not allowed to use freely?
17 September 2022 (04:25) 
Is this library LEGAL to download and use? OR PIRATED Library where books are not allowed to use freely?
17 September 2022 (04:26) 
Is this library LEGAL to download and use? OR PIRATED Library where books are not allowed to use freely?
17 September 2022 (04:26) 
Is there a bug on the site?, you can only download 1 book a day, before I downloaded 10 books!.
17 September 2022 (13:15) 
Hello team, could you please get "all that we are by Gabriella Braun " and "People before tech by Duena Blomstrom"...
17 September 2022 (15:22) 
As a Bulgarian, thank you for adding our language!
17 September 2022 (19:38) 
marie-jose teixeira-pazos
pourquoi on peu pas faire un don avec paypal?
18 September 2022 (09:21) 
Please add PayPal as a payment option please
18 September 2022 (11:00) 
Bonjour, sera-t-il possible de donner par mail les nouveaux noms de domaine lorsqu'ils changent. En France depuis hier c'est pas toujours facile de le trouver car en France fr1.lib n'est plus accessible. Merci
18 September 2022 (13:04) 
好用的,thank you so much
18 September 2022 (17:37) 
I am so thankful because you do a very good job.Wth your help,I can get close to so many book.
Thank you so much!
18 September 2022 (18:00) 
18 September 2022 (21:06) 
Thank you for your efforts!
19 September 2022 (04:15) 
One of for the suggestions box - if there is such a thing... but it would be incredibly useful if Sort Options could be added to the Booklist Tables. It takes an inordinate amount of time to scroll to the bottom of lists to discover newly added content to those booklists I follow or create. Thanking you muchly
19 September 2022 (04:48) 
Gregory Corso
You folks are the best...thanks much.
20 September 2022 (01:14) 
Thank you!
20 September 2022 (03:28) 
Thank you very much for the improvements but I can't find some of the books I came here for.
20 September 2022 (16:20) 
Hi. Made a donation yesterday and still not upgraded to premium status. Also donated Aug 1st2022. Why can’t I send to kindle ? 😣
20 September 2022 (20:27) 
Je veux bien faire un don mais pour cela je VEUX passer pas PayPal et payer en euros.
Ça devrait être possible !
20 September 2022 (21:19) 
I wonder if you can update the web so that i can switch off the comment area,please.Thank you.
21 September 2022 (13:47) 
21 September 2022 (14:55) 
21 September 2022 (15:17) 
Mainak Paul
Pls open a bank account in India so that we can donate asap. Here all donations are branded as foreign remittances and hence it raises eye brows for the tax dept.
22 September 2022 (06:21) 
Thank you for all you do. It looks like I keep getting errors when trying to convert to epubs to send to my kindle. Is there anything I can do?
22 September 2022 (19:31) 
I have a suggestion to help promote the use of booklists. Is it possible to enable the sorting of booklists alphabetically? When one uses the ribbon icon to add a book to a booklist it can be difficult locate a specific list once one has a large number of booklists published. Having the option (or making it the default) to sort the list alphabetically under the ribbon icon would making adding books to lists much easier and make it less time-consuming. Once again, thanks for the wonderful work you are doing. It is much appreciated.
22 September 2022 (20:22) 
Zlibrary is the final destination of my book-hunt journey.
Best wishes to all of you❤
23 September 2022 (04:55) 
Thanks very much.
23 September 2022 (14:33) 
24 September 2022 (10:12) 
Thanks for your Great Work, is it possible to have in the future a filter for some marks like "Downloaded" or "Favorite" to have only results with this mark or without it. This will be great
25 September 2022 (12:49) 
Can you also put in the request section the ASIN
number feature also?!,
Some books only have this number available.
Thank You.
25 September 2022 (13:15) 
Priscilla Pelfrey
I wish we had a suggestions option, where we could post our wishlist for application design or library options.

Even though many of users' ideas might not be possible now, perhaps just having ideas to consider would trigger solutions to those or very similar concepts. For instance, maybe an option to save a user's list of desired downloads to execute at a less busy server time might help the library.
25 September 2022 (18:49) 
>suggestions option, where we could post our wishlist for application design

Here are some suggestions:
- outgoing links to Amazon, Google books and DOI (publisher) so users can research more about the book
- Telegram bot should also search for articles (just by DOI would still be useful)
- articles should not be presented with a synthetic cover, that's a gimmick. Show abstract and images if possible (else a link to publisher often has that info)
26 September 2022 (07:18) 
For donation why dont you allow PAYPAL?
26 September 2022 (12:53) 
Winnie Wilson
Where or how can I see when my last donation was made?
26 September 2022 (13:45) 
Yo también creo que tendríais q añadir pago con PayPal y transferencia porque se siente más seguro a ka hora de donar.
27 September 2022 (01:31) 
Mainak Paul
Pls open a bank account in India where we Indians can donate. In India the donations however small, comes under Income tax radar who will raise queries. Tks in advance.
27 September 2022 (05:46) 
Please add PayPal as a donation option.
27 September 2022 (11:48) 
Is there a way to get audio books as well?
27 September 2022 (17:44) 
Have noticed that moderators do not have the choice to indicate that an upload is an article - nor do I see any way to indicate this when doing an upload.
I posted several uploads that were deleted for no other reason than that they were not books and would like to have the option to designate an upload as an article
27 September 2022 (22:35) 
el atery
thank you so much for all your hard work
27 September 2022 (23:33) 
I would appreciate seeing a content filter (so porn and other inappropriate content does not show up on my screen). Otherwise a great site!
28 September 2022 (07:30) 
28 September 2022 (14:34) 
Javier Rivera Fournier
Dear friends of Z Library.
I would appreciate knowing other mechanisms for making donations other than providing a credit card. I am suspicious that the card will be used for other purchases not authorized by me. Let me tell you that I tried to make a donation through Amazon, but I couldn't, it's 4 attempts with a gift card for Z Library. Do you suggest another method that they do not publish?
29 September 2022 (00:12) 
Bonjour, j'aimerais donner mais par Paypal. N'y a t-il pas moyen de le rajouter? Les autres systèmes, soit je ne les connais pas, soit me paraissent moins sécurisés...
29 September 2022 (14:35) 

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