Laman utama Journal of Scholarly Publishing

Journal of Scholarly Publishing

Penerbit: University of Toronto Press
ISSN: 1198-9742 / 1710-1166


The pleasures and perils of publishing have been explored in the pages of Scholarly Publishing for more than twenty-five years. The journal addresses the age-old problems in publishing as well as the new challenges resulting from changes in technology and funding. Some articles suggest ways to get effectively published in books and journals, while others address such topics as editorial and publishing policy, computer applications, electronic publishing, effective marketing and business management. In serving the wide-ranging interests of the international academic publishing community, Journal of Scholarly Publishing provides a balanced look at the issues and concerns from solutions to the everyday problems to commentary on the philosophical questions at large. For over 30 years, JSP has offered a unique blend of philosophical analysis and practical advice that has attracted readers around the world and has made this journal and indispensable resource for anyone with an interest in scholarly publishing.

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